How to Send an Estimate to a Client or Lead

Let’s see how to send estimates in Local Service Hero.

Local Service Hero allows you to send estimates to clients or leads. This is really useful because you can easily create the estimates and send them to your clients or leads without having to use several apps; you can do it all from Local Service Hero.

Let’s see how to create and send an estimate, taking into account you need to follow the same steps whether you’ll send an estimate to a client or lead.

1- Open the “Clients” page in Local Service Hero

You need to open the Clients page in Local Service Hero by going to CRM > Clients > View All.

Once you’re there, you will see all your clients displayed in a spreadsheet, so you need to click the View button that is on the Actions column. This will open the client’s/lead’s profile.

send estimate local service hero

2- Create and send the estimate to your client or lead

Once you’re on the client/lead profile, you need to go to the Estimate tab and click Add to create a new estimate.

send estimate local service hero

Once in the Add Estimate form, you need to add the following information to the estimate:

  • Description. Here you can add a title for the estimate.
  • Estimate date. This is the date when you create the estimate.
  • Valid Until Date. This is the estimate’s expiry date.
  • Require payment upfront. If you enable this, you will need to add the amount or percentage you will require the client/lead to pay before you provide the service.
  • In the Services table, you’ll need to add the service details by using these columns: Status, service/package, subscription, subscription tier, tax, qty, rate, days, total, budgeted hours, adj. rate, actions.

If you want, you can add a new item/service/package by hitting the Add Item button.

send estimate local service hero

Once you’re done configuring the estimate, click on Publish and Send to Client, and the estimate will be automatically sent to your client.

send estimate local service hero

If the client accepts the estimate and requires your service, you can convert the estimate into a job, so you don’t have to create a job from scratch.

You can follow these same steps to send more estimates to your clients or leads in Local Service Hero.

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