About Us

super hero green blueWhen we started Local Service Hero, our development team already had over a decade of experience building products.  We had clients who were using similar programs to this and they were always having all sorts of issues.  So we decided to just build a better, simpler version ourselves.

Now it’s much more than that…

Local Service Hero was born to help service companies better connect with their customers and/or employees out in the field.  We wanted it to be easy to use and still get all the functionality needed.

During development, we realized this is more than just a way to connect with customers.  This can really help grow a business.  From invoicing, taking payments online, sending out sms notifications to being able to generate leads and much more.  Local Service Hero can help to eliminate the need for multiple programs, combining everything into one simple to use package.

We’re always trying to improve and help your business improve.  The way we built this with our custom foundation, we are easily able to make changes and implement things we may not have thought of in the beginning.  So if you have any suggestions on something you want added, we can probably do it.  Just let us know.

We want you to succeed

Our dedicated support staff is ready to answer any questions you have.  You can contact us via live online chat, phone, or email.