How to Manage Discounts

Let’s learn how to manage discounts in Local Service Hero. Besides selling products and services, you can create discount coupons to attract more customers to your web shop.

Go to Commerce > Discounts.

Once there, you’ll see a spreadsheet with all your discounts.

manage discounts local service hero

If you want to create a new discount, click on “Add New” to add a new row to the spreadsheet. Then you just need to add the information for your discount.

These are the columns you need to use to create and manage the discounts:

  • Title: Add the discount name here.
  • Status: You can select publish or draft.
  • Actions: Use this to delete any discount.
  • Content: Add a description here.
  • Amount: Enter the percentage or amount here.
  • Discount type: You can select “Percentage” to create a relative discount (10% for example), or the currency to create a fixed discount ($10.00 for example).

Once you finish editing your discounts, hit Save to apply the changes or save the new discounts.

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