How to Add More Fields to the Client Profiles

Here’s how you can add new fields to your client profiles. You need to follow these steps:

1- Open your Clients page

Go to CRM > Clients. Here you’ll see all your clients on a spreadsheet.

Now, you need to place your mouse cursor on Clients icon in left menu and select the Setup Profile option.

This will take you to the Setup Profile page seen below.

Here you’ll see the Fields panel, where you can use any of the field types to add to your user profiles.

2- Add fields to your profiles

You can, for example, add a Text Field to ask your clients to tell you something about them. This can be something informative to create good opportunities to give them what they love.

Therefore, you add the Text Field and configure it.

You’ll need to configure these fields:

  • Required
  • Label
  • Placeholder
  • Type
  • Max length
  • Rows


Once you configure the new field(s), click on Save to apply the changes.