How to Create a Checklist to Control the Work of my Employees?

These are the steps you need to follow if you want to create a checklist to control the work of your employees.

It’s really important to constantly evaluate the way we do things because that helps us improve and become better companies.

1- Open your “Forms” page

You need to open your Forms page by going to CRM > Forms. Once there, you need to click on Add New to create a new form.

2- Select Employee App for the form category

In this step you need to select the form TitleDescriptionStatus, and Category.

The category is the most important thing in this step. You need to select Employee app in the Category dropdown.

Once you select the category, click on Save and go to the next step.

3- Select the Form fields

You need to go to the Form Field tab, where you’ll need to use the Fields panel to select the fields you’ll include in your employee evaluation form.

For example, you can use the Radio Group fields to evaluate your employees’ punctuality, quality of work, assistance, etc.

You can use these parameters to evaluate Poor, Regular, Excellent.

4- Decide what happens after submission

In the After Submissions tab, you can decide what happens after the user submits the form.

5- Preview your form

Your form is ready. Just go to the Preview tab to see how it will look in the employee mobile app.