How to Import a Lot of Employee Accounts

If you have hired many new employees, you may have registered their personal data for accounts on a CSV file from Excel or Google Sheets. In that case, you may need to import all that information instead of creating the accounts one by one.

Just follow these steps.

1- You need to have the CSV file

This CSV file must contain at least two columns to create the accounts: Name and Email.

2- Open the “Import” tool

You need to open the Import tool by going to Settings > Import. Just place your mouse cursor on settings to see the dropdown options.

3- Upload the CSV file from your computer

Now you need to click on Upload CSV to upload the file from your computer.

4- Match the File Columns to the Profile Fields

You need to select these values in order to configure the import process.

  • What field are you importing: Employees
  • Match the File Columns to the Profile Fields
  • Click on Next.


After that, your import process will be completed.