How to Import Clients or Customers

Here we show you how to import clients or customers from a CSV document created on Excel or Google Sheets.

You must have a CSV document containing at least your clients’ Names and Emails.  Preferably you would have even more info than this, like address, phone number and even billing info, if you have it.

You can export a .csv file from Excel or Google Sheets, for example.

add clients using csv file

Once you log in to your LSH account, you need to go to CRM > Clients and then to Settings > Import.

local service hero clients page import

The Import tool will open, and you need to click on Upload CSV to search for your CSV document on your computer.

local service hero bulk import

In the What information are you importing dropdown, select Clients.

Then, match the Name and Email columns from the file to the Profile Fields.

In this example, we just have to match the Name and Email columns.  If you have other columns to import, you need to match those also.

Optional. You can send a welcome email to the users you’re importing. If you don’t want to send them such email, tick the Don’t send a welcome email to the imported users checkbox.

lsh import clients

If you decide to send them an email, you’ll see this question: Are you sure you want to send a welcome email to all the imported users?

You need to select Yes in that case.

send welcome email import clients

That will start your import and it will be completed.

import complete

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