How to Add a Page to my Mobile App for Customers?

To add a new page to your mobile app for customers, follow these steps.

Go to Mobile App > All Pages. Just place your mouse cursor on Mobile App and select the All Pages option.

local service hero mobile app all pages

Now you need to click on Add New.

add new mobile app local service hero

To create a new page, you’ll need to complete the following fields:

  • Title
  • Status
  • Icon
  • Type of Page

There you’ll find the following page types:

a) Free Text

In this page, you can add simple text information.

For example, you can add information about the company, your history, etc.

mobile app pages local service hero

b) External Link

Here you can show your store or a special page from your website.

mobile app external page local service hero

c) List

You can create a list of services or products.

services list on mobile app page

d) Form

You can add any type of form to your new page.

add form to mobile app page


You can add any HTML code and you’ll see the result in the preview.

html code to mobile app page

f) Service Schedule

Your clients can schedule a specific service. You can see which services the client has scheduled.

service schedule page to mobile app

g) User Files

Users can upload files to require information. For example, if you’ll fix a wall, the user can send you a photo so you see how much time it will take and how much you’ll charge.

user files mobile app page

That’s how you create new pages for your mobile app.

Once you’ve configured it, just click on Save to add it.