How to import the list of services that my company offers

In this entry, we want to show you how to import services from a CSV file created on Excel or Google Sheets. Just follow these simple steps.

1- You need to have your CSV file

Basically, the CSV file you’ll import must contain three columns: Title, Content, Rate.

With those three columns, you can create new services from a CSV file.

spreadsheet of services csv file

2- Open the “Import” tool

You need to open the Import tool by going to Settings > Import. Just place your mouse cursor on settings to see the dropdown.

import tool in local service hero

3- Upload your CSV file

Once you open the import tool, you need to click on Upload CSV. Then, select the file from your computer.

local service hero import csv file

4- Match the File Columns to the Profile Fields

You need to select these values in order to configure the import process.

  • What information are you importing: Services
  • Match the File Columns to the Profile Fields.
  • Click on Next to start the import process.

import services in local service hero


Now your import process will be completed and your services added to the services spreadsheet.

import services to crm