How to Create a Form for my Website, Emails, or Social Networks?

Here we show you the steps you need to follow in order to create a form for your website, email marketing campaign, or social networks.

There are various forms you can create, for example a quote request form, a contact form or questionnaire for your customers.

1- Open your “Forms” page and create a new form

To open the forms page, you need to go to CRM > Forms. Once there, you need to click on Add New to create a new form.

local service hero forms

2- Configure your new form

Once you open the form creator, you need to configure the basics of your new form. For example, you need to enter the form TitleDescriptionStatus, and Category, which must be Lead.

After you do that, click on Save.

create forms and configure local service hero

3- Select the form template and fields

For this you need to go to the Form Field tab and select the Request Quote template.

After that, you need to create the fields you want to include in your quote form. For example, you may need to include these fields: NameEmailTelephoneServiceDate, etc.

For that, you need to use the Fields panel. There you have several field options such as Checkbox GroupDate FieldHeaderNumber, etc.

form templates lsh

4- Select what happens after the user submits the form

For example, you can use the Redirect user to this URL to send your user to the home page of your website, or you can send him an email to talk about the more services you offer him.

edit forms lsh

4- Share the form

If you’re including this form on a blog post, you need to use the Iframe share format. If you’re sharing this by email, you can also select the Landing Page option to share a link with them.

share form code lsh

6- Preview your form

This is Optional but necessary. You need to see how your form will look on your mobile app.

preview form inside lsh