Top Lawn Care Blogs in 2022

In the age of cyber-information gone wild, it seems like lawn and landscaping blogs have become a dime a dozen. Any company worth their salt has an active website. Many of them include a blog section that is updated weekly, monthly, or at least quarterly.

With a simple Google search for some basic tips, you can quickly find yourself swimming in a plethora of site links to chose from. Studies have shown that while options are beneficial, having too many of them can become a source of stress!

So how do you know who the cream of the crop is, when every blog on the block is claiming to have the best information?

We’ve done your homework for you, by conducting a thorough search for the best and most favored lawn and landscaping belongs. Let’s begin with the top 5:

1. Neil Sperry’s Gardens

Neil Sperry’s Gardens is a hot topic in the Texas region, offering an exhaustive list of blog entries titled, “Neil’s Notes.” The man behind the website has been in this industry since 1970. His resume includes podcasts, radio appearances, news columns, and a former membership to the Texas AgriLife Extension.

He offers a well-rounded site with multi-media links in addition to his blog. You can even sign up for his weekly e-newsletter via email.

2. Ryno Lawn Care

Ryno Lawn Care is a lawn and landscaping company that has been providing residential and commercial services in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area since 2009. Ryan Kennedy, owner and Director of Operations, stands by the quality and craftsmanship of his seasoned lawn care experts who cater to an ever-growing service area of over 15 different cities.

Ryno’s blog is maintained regularly with well-researched issues that provide DIY lawn care tips as well as gardening and landscaping ideas. This company, as well as its blog, are unique in that they offer a well-matched blend of service provision and relevant blog entries. Ryno recently won the NextDoor 2021 Neighborhood Favorite award and has been featured on multiple “top blog” lists.

3. Sod Solutions

Sod Solutions is notable for identifying a popular sub-type of turf grass that is now known as Palmetto St. Augustine. This particular grass has become wildly popular worldwide, especially as sold in sod palettes.

Sod Solutions specializes in researching turf grasses. They work with professional breeders to find resilient grass species that work well for residential and commercial lots, including golf courses. This means that their blog is written with well-researched concepts and solutions to be used with daily lawn care.

4. Dirt Simple

Dirt Simple was established by Deborah Silver, who’s been in the industry since 1986. With experience in nurseries, landscaping, and fine arts, she offers a trained eye and an abundance of creativity in both her blog and her hands-on work.

Silver offers the unique perspective of blogging about her own direct experiences, rather than “just” research or other second-hand knowledge. Her blog is easily navigable, either by date or by a lengthy list of relevant keywords. Surely one reason her content is so resonant is because she writes in a first-person conversational tone, not only about her gardening experienced, but about her interactions with customers and other like-minded artists and enthusiasts.

5. JC’s Landscaping

JC’s Landscaping is an award-winning landscaping service in the North Texas region. They have recently been recognized by Home Advisor as an Elite Top Landscaper, and their blog has been heralded as one among the Top 100 Landscaping Blogs. We think it deserves to be ranked higher.

JC’s was established in 1997 by a couple of college kids who where trying to make some spending cash. They have since expanded into a regional industry leader with a variety of user-friendly blog topics.

6. The Garden Continuum

The Garden Continuum is a lawn service company that prides itself on environmentally sustainable design. They focus on flowerbed gardening, but also offer assistance and advice for basic landscaping, poolside aesthetics, and veggie gardening.

This company’s blog focuses on multidisciplinary education that braids together the concepts of sustainability, community, and aesthetics. They also offer a podcast and an online educational academy.

7. Neave

Neave is an outdoor company that focuses on gardening, irrigation, carpentry, landscaping, and pool care. They provide a wealth of information about region-specific plants and grasses, including invasive species to beware of. Much of their information is geared towards the climatic and geographical features found in the northeast.

Neave’s blog section covers a variety of topics, as noted above, complete with attractive visuals for landscape design. They pride themselves on being a “one-stop shop” for outdoor decorating ideas, both organic and man-made.

8. Tomlinson

Tomlinson is yet another company that is well known for its multifaceted outdoor landscaping services. Both their blog and their service provision cover such issues as pest control, deck design, landscaping, and basic lawn care.

As with a few other companies listed above, their blog entries are based on hands-on professional experience in addition to relevant research.  Established in 1981, Tomlinson has provided locally owned and operated lawn care for 30 years, and has won multiple regional awards.

9. Lawn Doctor

Lawn Doctor was established in the 1960s by two friends who shared a passion for quality lawn care. In fact, one of its founders introduced the very first automated lawn care machine to a newly booming industry. They enjoyed rapid growth as the nation embraced the notion that lush, manicured lawns were part and parcel to the American Dream.

Today, they offer a variety of local lawn care and pest control programs. Their blog features a helpful host of no-nonsense lawn care advice.