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Grow of your lawn care business faster with Local Service Hero.

Add customers more easily.  Accept credit cards securely online.

Employees in the field never had it so easy, with our mobile app.

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Why Local Service Hero for Lawn Care?

You need tools to help you manage your business, your field employees and your clients.  This is an all-in-one solution designed specifically for lawn care and other local service businesses.

The tech, the infrastructure, the cyber-connectivity– it’s all already in place. We’re here to help you capitalize on all of it in a way that grows your brand, supports your business, and enhances your bottom line. 

Mobile App

for Lawn Crews

Finish More Lawns in Less Time

With lawn service details and last-minute schedule changes, it is crucial to keep your lawn crews on the same page.

Local Service Hero is on both Apple iPhone and Google Android.

Route Scheduling – Dispatch Board – Clients & Leads – Much More

Stop wasting time and efficiency. Explore Local Service Hero Now

Impress Your Customers

Connect with your customers in ways that go beyond just having a website or sending emails. Easily generate more reviews and become the top company in your area.

Increase Profits

Gain more customers and generate positive reviews. Accept online payments, both pre-scheduled and in real-time. online. Streamline your workers' service routes to save time.

Better Efficiency

Empower your field workers with GPS mapping that keeps them on route and on time. Simplify per diem mileage expenses. Schedule both one-time and recurring jobs, with automated invoicing and payment reminders.

Built for Lawn Service Companies

The truth is, no matter what industry you work in, a large portion of our day-to-day lives have become driven by apps and automatic reminders. We are in a constant relay between screentime and real-time, so why not make that dynamic work for your business?

For better or worse, this is the world we live in now, so it makes good sense to capitalize on modern technology to grow your business and keep both your customers and employees satisfied and imformed.

So how exactly do you implement a user-friendly platform by which to run your business?

That’s exactly what Local Service Hero does for you.

The platform you need to streamline your scheduling, billing, customer relations, and service provision is already built into our software application. All you have to do is personalize it with the many options available to make it work for your business and clientele base. Both your staff and your customers will love the connectivity, and your bottom line will be healthier than ever. Let us help you get there.

Get More Quote Requests

Generate more leads from your website, social profiles or in emails.

Spend less time on the phone and easily respond to your potential customers with already having the info you need to give more accurate quotes.

Our tools help your marketing efforts and make it easy to respond like a real pro.

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Build Great Client Relationships

With a Modern CRM

Easily manage your leads and clients.  Send email, sms and push notifications.

Automated responses, quick replies, notes and histories help you and your team get more done and impress your customers.

Local Service Hero CRM will give you that professional edge needed to make customer relations less stressful and more rewarding for everybody.

Billing & Invoicing

  • Automate Your Billing
  • Accept Payments On Your Website or Mobile App
  • Total Customization

So What Are We Promising?

Here is a snapshot of what Local Service Hero’s program has to offer you, in order to integrate and expedite your services, scheduling, and billing practices.

Personalize Your Platform

Build your platform in a way that suits your company’s needs- and it only takes a moment. Select the applications that will best serve you, and enjoy the fact that, with Local Service Hero, you only pay for the services you need.



Local Service Hero enables you to streamline daily business transactions without a paper trail or a messy spreadsheet that needs constant updating. Here are a few features we offer:

  • Create a shared calendar to schedule both one-time and recurring services.
  • Create route schedules for each field employee, that they can easily access in their personalized dispatch board.
  • Create and update service routes that reflect short-notice changes and scheduling adjustments.
  • Create and track special requests, FYIs, and other various details pertaining to specific customers and job sites. Allow employees to check off key items and make real-time adjustments to these notes when interacting with your clients.
  • Create, monitor, and adjust your service metrics automatically, based on labor, completed jobs, and incoming revenue.

Efficient Employee Management

It is a great thing to supervise a trustworthy team of experts. However, it can become challenging to keep up with who’s doing what, where, and why. 

Any experienced business owner knows these measures are not about micromanaging, but about ensuring safety, efficacy, accountability, and resource management. You want your workers to get compensated for the labor they put into their workday, and you want to ensure that revenue is also reflected in your billing and revenue. 

When it comes to timely job completion, per diem mileage, and optimal workload distribution, Local Service Hero understands that keeping track is essential. 

  • You can also track job-related notes, such as those being tracked by the scheduling app, to monitor and approve time extensions and resource usage, such as extra chemicals and parts replacements. 
  • Track the time spent at each individual job, as well as the travel time from one location to the next, to help streamline your scheduling and time management. 
  • Allow customers to provide real-time reviews once a job is completed, to boost your online marketing metrics. 

Processing Payments

Even with modernized tracking mechanisms for payments and invoicing, it can still be a lot to keep up with. What if your software program did it for you?

Here are a few ways Local Service Hero can help you track your numbers:

  • Service costs pre-calculated, for your customers to review ahead of time.
  • Easily adjust pricing for cancellations, on-site amendments, or unforeseen service fees. Done in real-time, so your customers see what they’re paying for.
  • Schedule automatic payments, for both one-time and recurring services, by bank draft or credit card.
  • Keep track of payments and balances with account updates that happen in real-time, so your customers see where they stand.
  • Set up both seasonal and annual payment packages that allow your customers to pay in advance.


If all of that sounds good to you....

…Then you’re in the right hands with Local Service Hero. Imagine automating every task we discussed, freeing up your time to grow your business, optimize your services, and take care of your staff.

Imagine employees who easily move through their workday with maximized productivity, because they have all the tools they need in the palm of their hands. Imagine customers who have totaly faith How in your company because your service, billing, and communication are always accurate, timely, and on-point

Want to know more? Feel free to check out our tutorials that further exlpain how this platform can enhance your business. Got questions? Please reach out to us, so we can help you get on-board with a profitable and streamlined approach to growing your business.