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Why Local Service Hero for A/C & Electric Services?

Whether your a/c business is new, growing quickly, or already skyrocketing beyond what you’re able to keep track of, Local Service Hero can help you streamline your operations in a way that keeps you on top of your game. With Local Service Hero, HVAC and electric repair companies can enjoy an integrated software program that cuts out the mess of paperwork and spreadsheets.

Impress Your Customers

Our system allows you to quickly respond to HVAC and electrical issues, which are typically time-sensitive! Impress your clients and put them to ease with a quick response time.

Better Efficiency

Keeping track of your leads, appointments, and billing can all be consolidated into a single software program that integrates important data and reduces time-consuming redundancies in your workload.

Increase Profits

Gain more customers, generate 5-star reviews, and accept online payments, both pre-scheduled and in real-time. online. You can even streamline your workers' service routes to save time.

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Key Features

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Stay Productive No Matter Where You Are

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Company Benefits

Employee Benefits

Mobile App for the Field

Stay Connected to Employees and Customers

With service details and last-minute schedule changes, it is crucial to keep your field-based team on the same page.

We offer mobile apps that allow you to pass on pertinent information in real-time, keeping everyone on track with the information they need to provide great service.

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Modern CRM

Build Client Relationships

HVAC and electrical issues are time-sensitive problems that need a fast and accurate solution.

Your clientele base will love the timeliness and precision of your service provision, as well as great communication, with the leading edge Local Service Hero’s CRM provides you and your company.

Invoicing & Accounting

Streamline Your Finances

What if you could bill for completed services in real-time, including service-based amendments to client invoices based on unforeseen complications? This happens a lot in the HVAC and electric repair businesses.

Let Local Service Hero help you keep track of your billing and expenses in an automated format that cuts out the paperwork.

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