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Whether your plumbing business is just starting out and looking to grow, or it’s well-established in your community, the best way to maximize your bottom line AND your service provision is to cleaning business is new, steadily growing, or already soaring toward multi-million dollar revenue, Local Service Hero will streamline the way you do business. Cleaning companies enjoy growing with the help of a single software program that meets all of their business needs.

Using a mess of spreadsheets and un-integrated platforms to track your leads and your numbers can create quite a headache. Plus, it takes time away from customer relations and growing your business. If you’re looking for a way to integrate automate your day-to-day tasks, Local Service Hero is for YOU.

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Mobile Apps

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Boost Your Production

Mobile App for Field Employees

We offer mobile apps that are compatible with both Apple and Android, allowing you to keep your work team on the same page regarding service details and schedule changes. Special requests, recurring services, and cancelations can all be tracked “live” in the field, as your team interacts with your customers. Likewise, you can send out service-based updates based on information received at the main office, allowing your crew to update routes and services as needed.

Stop wasting time and lack of efficiency. Explore Local Service Hero

Local Service Hero uses GPS to create the most efficient routes for your team members.

• Eliminate missed appointments

• Schedule recurring jobs while in the field

• Update routes in real-time to account for changes or cancellations

• Check and update your calendar from anywhere

Plumbing Schedules and Routes

Simplify Employees' Service Routes for Optimal Scheduling

Our program will calculate locations and estimated service times in a way that minimizes travel and optimizes billable hours.

Stay Productive No Matter Where you Are

View your workers’ locations with GPS tracking

Check schedules, routes, and job notes on any mobile device

Track work time, get directions, provide estimates, take photos to track progress, and more

Invoicing & Accounting

Automate Your Invoices and Streamline Accounting

Once a plumbing job is complete, your workers can bill for it in real-time on their cellphones. This includes any updates to be made on the invoice, based on unforeseen service adjustments.

With payments received, Local Service Hero’s sofware program can automatically update your clients’ accounts.

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Create Solid Client Relationships

With a Modern CRM

When it comes to plumbing services, every customer views their own circumstance as an emergency. With a streamlined system that allows for quick and efficient communication about service provision, your clients will enjoy working with a company that runs a smooth operation.

Local Service Hero CRM will give you that professional edge you need to foster trust and loyalty as you continue to build your clientele base through excellent service.

More Than Just Scheduling


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Super charge you Plumbing business productivity in all of the areas it counts the most.