How to Send an Estimate to a Client or Lead

Your leads and customers will ask you to send him/her an estimate.   It’s the same in both sections, leads or clients.  Here we’re using the Clients section as an example.  Just follow these steps.

1- Open your clients’ page

For this, go to CRM > Clients. You’ll see a spreadsheet containing all your client profiles.

2- Open a client profile

Click on the client you’ll send the message to open his/her profile.

Scroll down the page a little and then, click on + on the Estimate section to add a new estimate.

3- Add the estimate details

You’ll need to select elements such as Description, Estimate date, Valid Until Date, Status, Service, Qty, Rate, Total, B. Hours, Adj. Rate, Actions, Etc.

In this section, you set the services you’ll give, the prices you’ll charge, the hours you’ll work, etc. 

4- Publish and send it to your client

Once you’re done configuring the estimate, click on Publish and Send to Client. Once you do it, the estimate will be sent automatically to your client.

If the client accepts the estimate and requires your service, you can convert the estimate into a job, so you don’t have to create it.